Pilates essentially can be summed up in three simple words- Stretch Strength and Control. Pilates will teach you body awareness, and moving throughout exercises with control and using the mind. Pilates will target body parts in one movement with control, whilst balancing the body and strengthening stabilising muscles. It is low impact therefore suitable for all ages and fitness levels.
Pilates will build core strength (not just your outer abdominals), improve pelvic floor function, and will also improve posture. As your core strengthens, posture will improve- which is so important in the lifestyle we lead!
Because Pilates strengthens stabilising muscles, improves core function, flexibility and our posture,  it complements other fitness activities (including HIIT) beautifully!
Give Pilates a try- I can guarantee you’ll love it! Pilates classes at Get Street Fit are run by Haylie from @Bend_and-co, and are on each Friday morning at 6am. Book in today and experience the magic!

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